Army Dad Gives Son Best Birthday Present Ever (VIDEO)

military dad son homecomingA lot of kids wouldn't be happy with anything less than a car for their 16th birthday. I've seen enough MTV docu-dramas to know a thing or two about what entitled teenagers demand for turning another year older. Trevor Hendricks of Virginia Beach isn't like those whiny brats though. For his sixteenth, Trevor kept it simple and went down to the boardwalk to enjoy a live concert to celebrate his teenage milestone. But things didn't go the way he expected them to.

When the band invited him onstage to sing along to his favorite tune, Trevor seemed reluctant, if not a bit embarrassed to be in the spotlight. When the band announced there was a surprise in store for him, I thought, great, here comes the Escalade with a big red bow on it. Thankfully, I was way wrong. From around the corner came not a new car, but Tyler's dad, who Tyler thought was still serving in Afghanistan. A birthday and a homecoming surprise all in one!


The video of the reunion made this big ole softie well up a bit as I watched the raw happiness shared between Trevor and his dad, Chuck Hendricks. I remember bursting into tears when I saw my parents' station wagon pull up the dusty road of Camp Tockwogh (I was just so happy to see them!) that I can't imagine what Trevor must have felt. To be surprised by your dad, whom you haven't seen in a year and whom you assume is still in a war-zone, must be overwhelming.

Trevor said, "When I saw my dad walk out from behind that building, my eyes almost started watering." And his dad? He almost didn't recognize his son. "I'm not used to him being as big as he is so I'm like OK I got to grab him where?"

Chuck is on leave for two weeks, then will return to Afghanistan for two months. While he's home, he's going to help Trevor prepare for his high school football tryouts, and when Chuck's back in the fall, he'll watch Trevor take the field.

Sure the video clip is only two minutes but I'm already in love with the Hendrickses. Happy birthday to Trevor and welcome home Chuck!

WATCH the clip of Trevor reuniting with his dad:



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