Winklevoss Twins Drop Facebook Lawsuit ... But They'll Be Back

winklevoss twinsThe Winklevoss twins shot to fame (infamy, maybe?) after The Social Network was released. The hunky athletes who claimed that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for a Facebook-like website decided to drop their court appeal of their $65 million settlement. They had spent years arguing that $65 million was too low because Zuckerberg had misrepresented the value of Facebook. In April they said they were taking the case to the Supreme Court after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected their argument, but as of yesterday, they changed their minds.

Why? Did Zuckerberg sneak into their bedroom (because you know that the Winklevii totally share a bedroom) and threaten them with a bat to the knees, Jeff Gillooly style?


That'd be pretty bad ass. I have a feeling the twins startle easy. So no, Zuck didn't try to beat them up as far as we know ... the lads likely dropped their case because the $45 million they were awarded in Facebook stock (they got the other $20 million of the $65 million in cash) because it's now worth over $100 million, possibly even $200 million. That'd be enough for me to call it quits on the case.

To be honest, I didn't want the brothers Winklevoss to get anything. Of course my entire opinion of these real-life men is based solely on the way the were portrayed in The Social Network.

Screenwriter and director Aaron Sorkin actually made them into money-grubbing pansies, if you ask me. It was so fun to love to hate them and to cheer instead for the plucky, borderline unlikeable Zuckerberg. I think the best line from the movie is "If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you'd have invented Facebook." BOOM.

Facebook released a statement about the Winklevoss' dropped suit that totally fits the tone of the argument we all learned about from the movie.

We've considered this case closed for a long time, and we're pleased to see the other party now agrees.

I mean, can we get a sequel out of this lawsuit? I'm sure there is way more to the story than just an abandoned Supreme Court jaunt. Not saying Zuckerberg owns a ski mask and a bat, but wouldn't it be great if he did for The Social Network: When Facebook Attacks?

I have a feeling the Winklevii aren't going anywhere. They seem like litigious people with something to prove, so maybe they'll go after Sorkin next. Or Armie Hammer, the actor who played the twins. It's anyone's guess.

Do you think the Winklevoss twins deserse some credit for, and money from, Facebook?

Photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images


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