Sarah Palin on Jury Duty? Run for Cover!

sarah palinSarah Palin is denying allegations that she is quitting her "One Nation" bus tour, explaining that it's simply on pause for a few weeks now that she's been called for jury duty.

Never mind the fact that getting an extension for jury duty (sometimes up to six weeks) is a really common, easy thing to do, especially when you have a good excuse like a planned national bus tour. Did that not occur to this woman who wants to be our President? Let's focus on the positive: That she's performing her civic duty. But I'm more entertained by the thought that it sounds like Palin actually thinks she's going to be selected for a case!

Here's what will likely happen when Palin shows up for jury duty:


On the one hand, Palin would make an ideal juror given that she doesn't read papers or magazines and, therefore, would know nothing about the legal case. But even then, the idea that any lawyer for either side of the aisle would allow a former governor, a former vice-presidential candidate, and someone as nationally polarizing as Palin to sit on any jury is absolutely ludicrous!

But, oh lordy, what would happen if Palin was actually selected? Imagine how much damage she could cause! For one thing, we know she's not above bending facts and historical events -- that is if she can even keep them straight to begin with (ahem, Paul Revere). Plus, we know she sometimes struggles to articulate herself -- something that could stretch jury deliberations into hours, days, maybe even months!

She's addicted to stealing the spotlight, which may be inappropriate in this case if she's competing with, say, a key witness or the defendant. And, let's not even talk about what could potentially occur if she's put on a criminal case involving guns and shooting.

The scariest part about the idea of Palin on a jury is that afterward she'll likely use the experience to exaggerate her legal expertise. Sorry, Palin, but jury duty does not mean you are "practically" a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Hopefully, it's clear to any judge that Palin on a jury is a bad idea.


Image via jkbrooks85/Flickr

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