Perverted Amish Guy Sexts 12-Year-Old: Why Are You Laughing?

Willard YoderDid you hear the one about the 21-year-old Amish man caught sexting a 12-year-old girl in Indiana? Willard Yoder showed up in his horse and buggy for their first date. It sounds like a joke. But it isn't. So why is the Internet laughing?

Oh right, because he's Amish. And he owns a cellphone. Hardy har har. Ye olde interwebs have been having a grand old time with this one. Interwebs? A word? You're sick.


This guy is 21. His "date" is 12. The teehee, "Amish people don't like technology, but this guy is using a cellphone" part of the story really pales in comparison to the rather gruesome details of what's happened to a child.

Police say the 12-year-old had been receiving sexts from Yoder for quite some time. A girl he'd at first randomly dialed, he's accused of having since sent her some 600 lewd photos and texts. We didn't have cellphones when I was 12, but I simply can't imagine something like that happening when I was her age. This wasn't something she solicited; it was a random accidental dialing. And then, wham-o, her inbox is filled with nasty pictures and a guy talking about oral sex!

At 12, I daresay I still had a Barbie doll or two hanging around. Yes, I was that naive folks. I certainly wasn't seeking out pictures of penises. And as the whole Weinergate scandal reminded us, they're not terribly pretty portions of the anatomy to begin with. Seeing one at 12, in your phone, from a stranger. Well, that could just scar a Justin Bieber-loving, Selena Gomez-listening, little tween for life.

As it turns out, this girl was a good kid all around. She told her mom (yes moms of kids with cellphones, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief; there ARE good kids out there who will be honest with you). Mom told the cops, who set up the sting that caught Mr. Yoder driving his horse and buggy, ostensibly thinking he was gonna get his mack on with a 12-year-old (oops, he said he thought she was 13, biiiiig diff). So I suppose maybe that bit of good news makes it acceptable to grin a tad bit. He was caught; he's being booked on child solicitation charges.

But come on interwebs! A child was irreparably harmed here. And all you can do is giggle that an Amish guy used a cellphone and drove his horse and buggy to get a little nookie? Let's rephrase it. A 21-year-old American male used a cellphone to sext a 12-year-old, then drove to have sex with her.

Not so funny, is it?

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