Port-o-Potty Pervert Makes Peeing in Public Toilets Even More Disgusting

portable toiletsAs if using a portable toilet wasn't fraught with enough revolting reservations already, an incident in Colorado will really make you determined to hold it, no matter what.

It happened at what should have been a peaceful event -- a yoga conference in Boulder. According to a story in the Denver Post, when one woman needed a break from all the downward dogs, she entered a port-o-potty, opened the lid, and ... saw something moving.

A bit freaked out, she ran out and asked a man who was standing nearby to take a look. What he saw will give me nightmares and perhaps wet pants for years to come.


There in the disgusting collection of human waste was a man -- a pervert looking to get a cheap and disgusting thrill peeking up at unsuspecting people going to the bathroom. I can't think of anything nastier. Nothing.

Seeing as how there wasn't any place for the crappy perpetrator to go, an officer just waited outside. Eventually the man emerged, covered in everything you would expect, but when he saw the police, he ran and is still on the loose.

Great, so now, not only do I have to worry about my long-held phobia of someone tipping over the port-o-potty while I'm using it (it happens!), but now I'll never be able to go again without wondering who might be lurking down there. I'm starting to think adult diapers may be a good investment for the next festival I attend.

Will this story make you think twice before using a portable toilet again?

Image via williac/Flickr

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