Ban on Pet Goldfish Has Got to Be a Joke

goldfishWhat does San Francisco have against children? First it banned happy meals, and now it's looking to do the same with pet goldfish. That’s right -- the Animal Control and Welfare Commission has recommended that the city ban the sale of goldfish, tropical fish, and guppies.

Apparently the fish are often mass bred in ‘inhumane’ environments. Good thing they only have a three-second memory span. 


In all seriousness, this is completely ridiculous. If not properly cared for, fish die. While they are more low-maintenance pets than, say, a puppy, they still require a clean tank with a proper pH balance and plenty of swimming room. If the tank is too dirty, or is overcrowded, or not temperature-controlled, the fish go belly up. 

If fish die, breeders and pet stores cannot sell them. It’s just bad business to not properly care for fish in captivity. 

Some might argue in defense of the ban, pointing to the customers that impulsively buy a fishy friend and then treat the pet poorly at home. How is that any business of the sellers? People are responsible for their own actions, and all the children that want pet goldfish should not be punished because some people can’t handle the responsibility of taking care of a fish.

Think of it this way: Should we ban the sale of toasters because occasionally people decide to go out of this world by plugging one in and dropping it in their bath? No! Most people that purchase toasters do so because they like toast and dislike sticking bread on a fork and turning it over a fire.

The government is not there to protect us from ourselves. When we start allowing Uncle Sam to dictate what we may or may not purchase, who knows how far he’ll go? Light bulbs or health insurance could be next.

Oh wait ...

What do you think? Should San Francisco ban pet goldfish?


Image via kztk

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