Every Good American Should Own a Taliban Chess Set

patriotic chess gameIf you've ever wanted to personally take down the Taliban, now's your chance. The gamers with a sense of humor over at toy company Hedwig & Sergeant Major have produced patriotic chess figurines of key players in the War on Terror. You've got your Osama bin Laden, your George W. Bush, your Barack Obama, your American Assault Solider, and your Taliban Suicide Bomber, just to name a few.

Choose either W. or Obama as your king and play chess like your life depended on it to protect your Queen, the Statue of Liberty. And if your Rook, the two Twin Towers, is taken by the enemy, you can use your Bishop, the American sniper, to take the evil-doers down.

So how much is this awesome piece of Americana?


For $250 you can customize your own patriotic chess set. Then all you have to do is decide who's playing the side with the Taliban pieces, and the rest is American history.

I think the chess set is amusing and light-hearted and I'm not offended by it. I know war is anything but amusing or light-hearted, but it's my opinion that the game is meant to tickle, not tease.

What do you think of this patriotic chess set?

Photos via hedwigandsergeantmajor.com

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