Southwest Pilot Thinks Sex With Flight Attendants Should Be a Perk of the Job

southwest airlines planeWhat is UP with the so-far-unnamed Southwest Airlines pilot who got totally caught via the cockpit communications system being a repulsive, sexist, homophobic moron for all of Houston air traffic control to hear? This pilot is a real piece of work and is apparently stuck in a time warp back to a time when being a chauvinistic idiot at work was A-OK.

Sure, this guy can fly a plane, which takes skill and talent, but he also can't understand why Southwest's hiring practices don't match up with his own sexual fantasies. Kinda negates any smart pilot hotness he may have had going for him, don't it?


You can take a listen to the pilot's whole crude rant yourself, if you're interested, but this guy essentially goes off on Southwest's inability to, well, get him laid. You know, because it's apparently his employer's job to hire "cute chicks" that he finds attractive and "doable" -- married or unmarried is no matter -- and who will sleep with him. Of course, he also has criteria (and way more detestable descriptors on his no-no list than we use here): no older women (not sure what his age limit is), no full-figured women, and no gay men.

Who does this guy think he is -- the Don Draper of the airways? His brain (or some other unscrupulous body part) does appear to be stuck in the Mad Men era when top dogs could actually pick and choose the women who stand nearby with coffee decanters and hand-jobs at the ready. Heck, who cares if the person can calm passengers in an in-flight emergency or evacuate a downed plane with skill -- as long as she is ripe for the picking and frequents the airport bar after hours, that's all that matters.

Hate to break it to this fellow, but I'm pretty sure the reason he's not getting any action has NOTHING to do with who Southwest hires.

The pilot has since been suspended.

Can you believe this guy?


Image via StuSeeger/Flickr

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