US Airways Passengers Should Chill About Guy Wearing Woman's Panties

US AirwaysYou could sit all day and people watch at an airport, and you'd never run short of material to make your eyes pop out of your head. Take the guy who was allowed to board a U.S. Airways flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Phoenix back on June 9 wearing nothing but women's underwear and the matching camisole, thigh high stockings, high heels, and a purdy white shawl. Now that had to be a sight to see. 


The man's clothes -- or should I say lack thereof -- have caused quite the stir online because U.S. Airways happens to be the airline that kicked college football star Deshon Marman off another flight this month for his own attire. Allegedly Marman's baggy pants were hanging so far down that a flight attendant complained she could see the outline of his privates. Marman was arrested for creating a disturbance on the flight when he refused to pull them up. The way the web sees it, letting a white guy on in women's skivvies but having a black guy arrested for not pulling up his pants proves the airline's racist. I don't know enough details about the Marman case to disagree completely. It's highly possible.

But can we float another theory? That the folks at U.S. Airways had enough experience actually sitting on an airplane for an extended period of time that they knew it would be worse for Mr. Panties to get on the plane in his current attire than to be asked to pull on a pair of sweats?

Think about it for a moment. What do you know about the friendly skies? It's the one place where fashion rules just don't apply. The air is cold. The seats are small. I flew across the country twice last week, and each time I wore the most comfortable clothes in my closet -- a giant hoodie, a soft cotton t-shirt, and a pair of shorts that had enough give in them that I could move around into various positions but still had room to stow my iPod. I was even smart enough to stow socks in my carry-on to make up for wearing flip flops to deal with the TSA's shoe removal rules. And thank goodness I did; it might have been June, but it got frosty on that plane.

Now think about what this guy is wearing. He's got almost no coverage to keep him warm. Nothing to separate his skin from the germy seat (who knows who has sat there before him, and before them, and before them, and before them, and ... ). No sweatshirt to roll up for a pillow for a nap (Florida to Arizona? That's a few hours). Nothing but a pair of panties and his flabby old thighs on that cold hard seat. Yeah, he really got one by those folks at U.S. Airways, didn't he? Snort.

Do you think this guy should have been allowed to fly in that get-up? Was he hurting anyone but himself?


Image via DearEdward/Flickr

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