Westboro Baptist Picked On the Wrong Dead Person This Time

westboro bapitist picketWestboro Baptist Church is notoriously known for its hateful protests at the funerals of dead soldiers, Elizabeth Edwards, and Joplin tornado victims (among others). Now the fringe Christian group has targeted the funeral of Ryan Dunn -- the Jackass star who died in a car crash Monday -- as the next opportunity to spread its hate. But this time Westboro Baptist's plan may seriously backfire.


As Roger Ebert unfortunately discovered earlier this week with his ill-timed joke about Dunn's death, Jackass fans mean business. They were so angry about Ebert's tweet -- "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive" -- that they, allegedly, got his Facebook page taken down, at least temporarily. Now, their attention is turned on Westboro Baptist and its plan to picket Dunn's funeral because, as the church so articulately explains on its site, he is a "drab pervert who hawked porn-level filth to get rich from a perverse generation."

Is Westboro really so naive as to mess with people as crazy as Jackass fans? These are people who kick sharks in the face, ride homemade rockets, and brand each other with irons -- just for giggles. And that's when they're in a good mood! Can you even imagine what a fearless Jackass fan would do if you pissed him or her off?

Fans' reactions to Westboro Baptist's plan are already pretty harsh. Check out some of the messages on Twitter and Facebook:

I hope @jackassworld guys kick their asses.

Westboro Baptist church says they are picketing Ryan Dunn’s funeral. I hope Bam shoots them all.

This is disgusting. If the @dickhouseworld @jackassworld crews need back up, just ask -- we'll be there for you xx.

In the past when Westboro Baptist has picketed funerals, volunteers have worn fluffy angel wings to shield mourners from their hateful messages. Here's guessing (and maybe hoping?) that Dunn's mourners' retaliation will be a little less peaceful this time around.


Image via k763/Flickr

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