Mom Who Killed Baby in Microwave Should Suffer Same Fate

ka yangA California woman was arrested this morning for allegedly killing her 6-week-old daughter in the most disturbing way possible. Ka Yang, 29, is suspected of burning her baby to death in the microwave. Authorities say that it's only the fourth death of its kind -- there were previous incidents of infant murders by microwave in Virginia, Texas, and Ohio. In those cases the mothers were sentenced from five years to life in prison.

The alleged murder happened back in March, but it took investigators three months to figure out how the baby got the fourth-degree burns and how she died. The unusual and rare injuries were so brutal that authorities were dumbfounded at first. After county officials met with pathologists and medical experts, it was uncovered that the microwave had to have been the weapon. It's sickening.


Yang has three other children, all boys under 7, and they were taken from the home the day their sister was found dead, March 17. I'm terrified to think about what those boys had to endure and I hope they're in a safe place right now.

The burns on the baby girl were so bad that the coroner cannot even guess how long she was in the microwave. Burning tissue was declared her cause of death, and the images racing through my mind right now are horrifying. The mother is clearly deranged but I hope she gets the book thrown at her.

Yang is being charged with murder and assault resulting in the death of a child under 8, and is being held without bail at the Sacramento County jail.

I'm not sure if I can think of a sicker crime than murdering a baby, let alone in a microwave. I'm wondering if it's even possible for justice to be served. Is a life in prison punishment enough for killing a baby on high heat? I'm not sure it is.

Do you think Yang should get life in prison?

Photo via Sacramento Police Department

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