Anti-Gay Michele Bachmann Was Wrong to Use 'Firework'

katy perry firework video
Katy Perry's "Firework" video
I don't think Michele Bachmann's stance on same sex marriage -- and homosexuality in general -- is unclear to anybody. The Republican presidential candidate does not like the gays. In fact, she's said such nasty things about them that she recently got her ass glitter bombed. So where the crap does she get off making Katy Perry's "Firework" her theme song?

Over the weekend, at the super-conservative Right Online conference, Michele had the balls (clearly not the brains) to use the hit song (without permission, of course) as a campaign rally tactic. Bachmann obviously has never seen the video for "Firework," which features two men kissing (ewww!), among other "stories of acceptance."

Guess it's safe to assume that this is how Bachmann would run our country if, God forbid, she were ever elected: Without a clue as to what's going on.


Not that I fancy myself a Katy Perry connoisseur or anything, but the singer is super liberal -- in addition to being super pro-gay. "Firework" was dedicated to (and used by) Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" project. So, if you think about it, Michele Bachmann is actually using the gay anthem as her anthem. Isn't that a wild twist of irony? Oh, and Michele, in case you were wondering, a few other songs of Katy's: "Ur So Gay" and "I Kissed a Girl."

I didn't think it was possible, but I actually dislike Michele even more after she used this song (again, without permission!). It was just a few moments in Bachmann's life, but it spoke volumes. One, she was just picking a song that she thought "the kids would like." She did no digging to see what the song meant, or what the singer was about. (This is not the kind of "research" I would want my President conducting.) And two, where does she get off "using" something that is associated with a group she has been so outspoken against? You don't get to say things like, "It isn’t that some gay will get some rights. It’s that everyone else in our state will lose rights," and then rock out to their song. That is not politically correct.

What do you think of Michele Bachmann using Katy Perry's "Firework"?


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