Women's Awful Dead Baby Scam Has a Silver Lining

There isn't much good to be said about two women who scammed people out of $700 claiming that they had a baby who died of a heart condition and they needed money to have a funeral. Sick and twisted, yes. Manipulative, too. But it also kind of speaks to something really beautiful. Even in this bad economy with cynicism at a peak, people are still willing to help a child. 

Of course, Chasity Doll and Tiffany Lyon exploited that with their dead baby scam in Modesto, California. Using a downloaded baby picture of a random baby they called Justin Michael Farrel, they asked drivers to donate for his funeral.

Preying on people's good nature is the lowest of the low. But it also has a good twist. People gave them money because of the baby. People still have good hearts and want to help children in need. I just hope it won't make people more jaded. 



Whenever something like this happens, the first concern is that people will stop giving because of it. I always hate when people say things like, "If you give that homeless guy a dollar, he will just spend it on booze." But these two women make me believe it.

Maybe it's stupid to believe the best about people, but I wouldn't want to live in a world where we don't. Preying on people's good intentions is sick and twisted, but it isn't the norm. We can't give women like these the power to take away our kindness.

At first glance, this story seems to be one about sick people taking advantage, but look a little deeper and you can see it's really about people and their kindness.

We live in a world where it seems every day there is more hatred and violence. People say the most vitriolic things online. Don't believe me? Just check out the comments sections on most political articles even here on The Stir. People are so full of hatred and bitterness toward the "other" that it often seems like "charity" and "kindness" and "generosity of spirit" are all things of the past.

It's easy to look at this story and be disgusted. Lord knows it's that, too. But it's also pretty impressive that so many people cared so much that this fictional baby got a funeral and that they would give so generously.

Glass half full, I say! If those people feel stupid today, they shouldn't. If kindness is naive, then I am happy to be called it.

Do you see the positive aspect?


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