Obama Impersonator Wasn't Pulled for Being 'Racially Insensitive' (VIDEO)

reggie brown obama impersonatorAt the Republican Leadership Conference this weekend, an unlikely visitor gave a memorable performance. "President Barack Obama" -- aka an Obama impersonator named Reggie Brown -- took the stage and cracked several questionably "racially insensitive" jokes about the President. Brown continued his shtick, and being an equal-opportunity offender, launched into some jibes at GOP presidential candidates.

Today, Brown told CNN that he thought he was cut because he was over time, but he also admitted that "the material was starting to get to a point to where maybe they started to feel uncomfortable with where it was going." 'Course Davis says Brown was dismissed early, because the RLC  "zero tolerance for racially insensitive jokes." So that's why he waited until Brown was ripping into Republicans to pull him? 

Looked more like these Republicans have "zero tolerance" for jokes about themselves!


A taste of the anti-GOP routine: Brown said Newt Gingrich's campaign is "desperately clinging to life," Mitt Romney (due to his Mormon faith) "might make a great President, along with his First lady ... second lady ... third lady," and Tim Pawlenty was off having his foot removed from his mouth, but not to worry – it was covered under “ObamneyCare.” And just as he was about to rip into Michele Bachmann, he was whisked away.  

Interesting, huh?

It would come as no surprise if the RLC actually couldn't have cared less about the "racially insensitive jokes" and only felt their blood pressure begin to rise once the Obama impersonator started taunting their own candidates. It would make perfect sense, given the party line. You know, how the GOP has a particularly difficult time satirizing or making fun of themselves.

I'm not saying I LOVE how the Dems can act so self-deprecating that they're suddenly running lines from a Woody Allen movie. But at least liberals can laugh at themselves. Republican candidates -- this 2012 bunch especially -- seems to take themselves waaaaaay too seriously. I mean, come on -- Mitt's idea of a joke is saying that he, too, is unemployed and has his sight set a particular job?? Cringe.

It's too bad, too. Maybe if they could laugh at themselves the way they seem to be able to laugh at everything "Obama," they'd come off not as bitter D-listers, but as potential winners. 

Here's the whole routine so you can check it out yourself ...


Do you think Reggie Brown was pulled for making fun of the Republican presidential candidates?


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