Spectators at Casey Anthony Trial Are All Sickos

Casey AnthonyWhen the Casey Anthony trial began, I'm willing to bet I was with the rest of America in thinking the most disturbing images to come out in the live coverage would be that of a mother on trial for allegedly killing her child, 3-year-old Caylee Anthony. Little did we know that the memory of a dead child would be competing for airtime with the grisly images of people beating the snot out of one another for the rights to sit in a courtroom and watch her accusers dish on the dirty details.

Wait, let me back up. There are spectators at this trial. The trial of a woman who, until she allegedly killed her toddler, was just a single mom from Florida whom no one had ever heard of, has people lining up every day to watch it live.


Spectators! Spectators! Spectators! That they're brawling is despicable. That they're even there, queuing up, all excited that they're going to get in and hear about the death of a child is just, well, it makes me want to jump up from this keyboard and get me a big ol' bar of lye soap and start scrubbing ... my eyeballs.

Listen, I'm a journalist. I've had to investigate some pretty gruesome things in my day. It's never pleasant when you know someone's loved one has died, and you have to pick up the phone and try to ASK them about it within 24 hours of said death. But the folks making the biggest hullabaloo at the Casey Anthony trial aren't the media folks who are -- it must be said -- doing their job. It's the stampedes -- yes, literal stampedes -- of kooks from the general public who want to get inside and hear about the dead baby. These people are sick!

Already the trial has been ranked higher by some media outlets -- in terms of attention anyway -- than the OJ Simpson murder trial of the '90s. Let's put that in context. OJ Simpson was a superstar. A Hall of Fame caliber professional football player. His trial played out in Los Angeles, one of the biggest cities on the planet, and one of the most high profile. Attention was expected because of his fame.

Casey Anthony, as I mentioned before, was a no-name single mom living with her parents in the Orlando area. The only thing making her famous is that she stands accused of committing the most horrendous crime a woman can, that of killing her own child in cold blood. It should turn stomachs; instead it's turning people into criminals, folks who show their own depraved indifference for humanity as they punch and kick their way to the head of the line to get a piece of the action, so they can say, "Hey, I was there, I saw Casey Anthony. I heard all about the duct tape over Caylee Anthony's mouth, the way a little girl died."

A mother who kills her child is the scum of the earth. If Casey did it, she's despicable. But these people, I have to say, are pretty sick too. Do these Casey Anthony trial brawlers make you uncomfortable? Could you watch this trial live?

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