NBC Nitwit Censors 'Under God' From Pledge of Allegiance (VIDEO)

one nation under godFirst The Marriage Ref, now this? NBC has some splainin' to do because Sunday when the network was airing their version of a patriotic introduction to the U.S. Open, complete with cute, little kids reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, they glaringly omitted the part that says "under God." So it basically went: "One nation," long, awkward pause, "with liberty and justice for all."

If you watched this live, you probably heard a faint "pop, pop, pop" in the distance shortly after, as a Fox champagne and caviar reception immediately followed. NBC, you Godless heathens.


Either people are getting awfully brazen lately or they're hitting the Skinnygirl Margarita on the job, because there seems to be an abnormal amount of on-air mistakes these days. Not long ago there was the infamous Sarah Palin/Tiny Fey mix-up at Fox. Then, shortly after that, there was that weird porn website "advertisement" that aired on NBC during America's Got Talent. Now this. Are these simply cases of things slipping through the cracks, or have employees grown one giant set of collective balls? Whatever the reason, the responsible employees should be fired.

As a spectator, I find all of this stuff amusing. And I don't take offense to the "under God" being left out. But I'm not everybody. And I'm not in charge of any of these networks. If I were Bossy Bossowitz at NBC, I would be pissed right now. Leaving God out of the Pledge of Allegiance? Oof, that's gonna leave a mark.

The Palin/Fey mix-up and porn site advert are one thing. If you don't think either was intentional, you can just chalk it up to lazy journalism. And neither is really offensive. You can't exactly say the same for an elaborate montage that omits two of the most controversial words in America. Yes, people have proposed dropping them from the Pledge of Allegiance, but it hasn't officially happened (and it probably never will). You can't just go and do that yourself, random NBC employee. Them's fightin' (read: boycotting) words.

In an attempt to do damage control, shortly after the segment aired, commentator Dan Hicks issued an apology, citing the entire thing as a mix-up. I'm still waiting for one for The Marriage Ref.

Watch the video for yourself:

What do you make of NBC's omission of "under God"? And what's with all these on-air errors?


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