Couple to Welcome 72nd Foster Child But Is It for the Right Reasons?

elderly couple 72nd foster childHere's a feel-good story to get us through this Monday morning: An adorable elderly couple in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are trying to become parents for the 72nd time -- foster parents, that is. Thomas and Ann Rose have been foster parents to 71 children over the past 15 years, and they're ready to welcome another. At an age when so many people choose to take it easy -- Thomas is in his 70s, and Ann is in her 80s -- it's so heartwarming to see a couple give so much of themselves.

But of course this story isn't without its skeptics ...


Some cynics accuse the Roses of being motivated by money (versus concern for the children) as to why they have fostered so many. But after watching an interview with the couple by a local TV station, you'll see for yourself that couldn't be further from the truth. Here's Ann explaining her and her husband's decision to be foster parents:

We have children. We have grandchildren. They were getting older, didn't have any babies, so we thought we'd do this.

Taking care of so many children, especially for an elderly couple, sounds overwhelming. But consider this: The Roses rarely have more than two children with them at one time. And, many of the children only stay with them for a short time.

In an effort to perhaps encourage other couples to follow suit, Thomas and Ann have been very open about the rewards of providing kids with a loving home environment. But they don't sugarcoat the challenges. Here's Thomas explaining the toughest part:

Part of your responsibility is to take care of them while you have them. The giving-them-up part, while it is hard, is something you have to do.

Seriously, this couple is so endearing, I don't think there could be any better spokespeople for the rewards of being foster parents.

Watch the whole clip about the Roses at WFMZ.


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