5 Reasons Anthony Weiner Should Work for 'Hustler'

While most of us can probably count on months of dreary resume-pushing if we lose our jobs, just hours after rogue wang-texter Anthony Weiner announced his resignation from Congress he'd already received a job offer. Thanks to Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler Magazine, Weiner now has a compelling new career path to consider.

Flynt, who makes it clear his letter is "not made in jest," has formally extended Weiner an offer of employment in the Internet division of his Flynt Management Group. He's promising not only a 20% raise above the salary Weiner earned in the U.S. House of Representatives, he's also offering to pay Weiner's moving expenses to Beverly Hills.

Anthony Weiner could choose to ignore Flynt's opportunity as he moves on to whatever activity will next occupy him -- I assume it mostly involves his wife punishing him in a variety of creative ways -- but I think he should say yes, for the following reasons:


Who else is going to hire him? Sure, the classy folks at Entourage have offered him a guest star spot, but how many bills can that really take care of? The man has a child on the way, he's going to need a paycheck.

He might as well embrace it
. For the rest of his life, his unfortunate name will be inexorably tied with those humiliating photos and texts. The rest of his life. He could be 89 years old and have just cured cancer and saved ten thousand orphans from a burning building and his byline would still be accompanied by a dick photo. He could fight this, or he could go ahead and have WEINER, HUSTLER business card printed.

He's totally qualified.
Internet group for a porn empire? Come on, it's like he was born for this job. Although he may need a few tips on the difference between a public tweet and a direct message.

He can continue his political efforts.
As Flynt wrote, "I feel that your unfortunate resignation is a prime example of unfounded political pressure and the hypocrisy that has invaded democracy in Washington D.C." How better to rail against the moral decay in our political system than through pornography?

It's not like he can fired from this gig.
If you get busted for texting photos of your junk while you're the head of Internet services for Larry Flynt, I'm guessing you get a raise.

What do you think, should Weiner accept the job?

Image via Flickr/Boss Tweed

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