Couple 'Kissing During a Riot' Photo Isn't What You Think

kissing riot couple

The most famous image to come out of the Vancouver riots that broke out after the Canucks lost in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals Wednesday is this photo of a couple kissing on the ground while cops and rioters battle around them. Ever since the photo went viral, people all over the world have been clamoring for the seemingly love-struck couple to be identified -- and now they have! But I'm still far from convinced their embrace is real.


From the beginning, not everyone was so sure that what was going on in the photo between the two people had a romantic context. In fact, there was some speculation that the woman had been injured during the riot, and the man was simply comforting her. Other people went as far as to actually question whether the man had sinister motives and was perhaps preying on an incapacitated woman!

Today, however, the truth has been revealed (at least some of it anyway). Brett Jones from Australia declared on his Facebook page that the man in the photo is his son, Scott Jones, 29. As Brett tells it, Scott had laid down on the ground to comfort his girlfriend Alexandra Thomas, who had been injured in the riot and was crying, and he kissed her to calm her down.

Awww. So the kiss is real. But still that doesn't mean the shot wasn't staged.

Here's the evidence that would support the theory that there was some, ahem, planning that went into this shot. First is this photo that another blogger tweeted. It depicts a group of people -- one with a large camera -- standing around the couple suggesting perhaps that they were posing. And then there is this interview with Scott's mother, Megan, who told the reporter that her son is a performer and does stand-up comedy. Could the showy photo be part of his performance art or part of his act?

At the end of the day, we'll probably never know whether the shot was real or staged. But who cares? It still is really cool.


Image via Rich Lam/Getty

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