Mom Attacked on Playground Means Nowhere Is Safe

The school playground is one of the last places where you want violence to erupt. There is no place so sacrosanct or so full of innocence as the place where elementary school students take their recess. But for one young mom in the UK, it became a place of violence when she was attacked violently while holding her toddler son's hand and waiting for an older child. Is this really what our world is coming to?

The 22-year-old woman was attacked by five other women outside the school gates, and suffered scratches, bruising, and a broken finger. It's unclear why they attacked her.

But as a mom, I might have a pretty good idea ...


Every day we walk into a social minefield when we walk onto the playground. There are cliques of unfriendly moms and the moms who have the kids you don't like because they throw sand and then, of course, there is the mom you thought you might become friends with but never did. It's a veritable field of potential landmines.

Lately, there have also been some playgrounds in my city that I avoid. They tend to attract a rougher, older crowd who curse, sometimes smoke, and even make out on the playground. They are all too old to be there, but few people have the courage to go up and tell them that. So in the interest of keeping my kids from being exposed to more mature experiences, I just avoid those parks.

But at school, I have no control, which makes this story especially unnerving. Despite all the mini dramas, one would hope that people would have the decency to hold off on attacking someone until after she is no longer holding her child's hand. The attack hurt the mother, but at least she was an adult.

The children -- and her son and daughter in particular -- were likely traumatized by what went down. Witnesses told the Daily Mail:

Then the poor daughter of the victim saw it was her mum who was being beaten to an absolute pulp and became hysterical and inconsolable. A teacher had let some of the children out as it was 3.15pm but they were all screaming and crying in horror and had to be escorted back into the school building.

So I really hope whatever insane drama these women think they have is worth what they likely did to these kids. Playgrounds are for slides and playing, they are for happy times and sprinkler running. They are not for fighting and drama.

And I thought I had it bad!

Ladies, if you really feel the need to brawl, take it off the playground and wait until the kids are out of earshot. It's just common sense. And hopefully this young mom will make a full recovery and not have to deal with these criminals again.

Do you ever fear the playground?

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