Burglar Leaves Family Home Design Advice

ugly couchIt's bad enough to have thieves break into your house, rifle through your personal possessions, and take what's rightfully yours. But to have them mock you and make fun of your home decorating skills, well that's just doubly uncool.

Just ask Raymond Kling, 32, of Iowa. According to a story in the Des Moines Register, when Kling entered his home Wednesday afternoon, he noticed that things were askew. Then he saw the writing on the walls ... literally. The thief or thieves had taken spray paint and scrawled profanities everywhere including things like, "GOT YA" and "YOU LOSE."

The final blow, however, was one only someone with the thickest of skins could take ...


There on Kling's wall the opinionated burglars had written, "UGLY COUCH!"

Ouch! I find it hysterical that in the middle of a robbery, someone would stop to comment on the victim's home furnishings. I don't know which would be harder to take -- the loss of my possessions or the insult to my taste in furniture.

Lock your doors people of Iowa, these guys are tough.

Which piece of your furniture do you think thieves would mock?

Image via damph/Flickr

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