Here's Hoping Anthony Weiner's Wife Forced Him to Resign

huma abedinAnthony Weiner has decided not to stick it out any longer, and has resigned as the Democratic Congressman from New York. Pressure from party leaders like Nancy Pelosi and, well, President Obama likely pushed the Weiner to step down. But I would bet that there was one person that had the most influence over his decision, his wife, Huma Abedin.

The Deputy Chief of Staff and Aide to Hillary Clinton, Abedin was in Africa with the Secretary of State when the news broke that her husband had been sending lewd pics to everyone and their mother. It was reported that Weiner was waiting for her to return before deciding whether or not to quit, and I think we all now know now what her suggestion was: Get the hell out.


Abedin is a very close friend of the Clinton family, so much so that former President Clinton presided over her wedding to Weiner on Long Island last summer. You know the Bill and Hill are so pissed at Weiner and totally have Abedin's back, rightfully so. I'm glad Abedin has the support of her boss and her friends as she navigates this harried road. And really, who better than Hillary to doll out sage, experienced advice on how to handle a situation like this?

If I were Abedin, I would have told my husband to resign. Can't confirm yet that that's what she told him, but if so, I totally agree with her. First of all, I'd want the media shit storm to stop. She's got a baby to worry about (she's pregnant with their first) and stress is not good for an expecting mother. The longer he's in office, the longer the feeding frenzy continues. And that's not good for anyone.

When former N.Y. governor Eliot Spitzer was caught sleeping with prostitutes, he resigned. And now he's got a talk show. Point is it's not a necessarily bad career move to just get out of office, chill for a bit 'til some other politician is caught with his pants down, then make your move. Maybe Abedin pointed that out to Weiner. But in my fantasy she was all "You're gross. Get out of office so I can have some peace for a bit. Divorce and custody papers are in the works, so ... see ya when I see ya." Then maybe a swift kick to his sack, and she's out. (But so far, she's standing by him.)

What would you have advised Weiner if you were his wife?

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