Starbucks Needs Better Homophobia Radar

starbucksRemember the time we found out that there were Domino's Pizza employees sticking mozzarella cheese up their noses before sprinkling it atop our beloved pies? And the world got pissed at Domino's at large instead of just their snot-nosed employees? Well, Starbucks is about to get in similar trouble. Except this time the cheese is a "long, homophobic rant."

Missy Alison was minding her own, just trying to get her caffeine fix when she witnessed three Starbucks em baristas unleashing all anti-gay hell on a homosexual employee named Jeffrey. They started out telling him they weren't interested in his "lifestyle or politics," "his future didn't look good," and "how he'll thank them someday." And it only got worse after Jeffrey went to the bathroom to cry.


According to Alison, the three women went on and on about Jeffrey and how they're sick of hearing about who he's dating, what he's doing, etc. None of their conversation had to do with Jeffrey's performance as an employee, it was all about his being gay.

The world -- or, at least, those who agree with me that this is wrong and inexcusable -- is about to get mad at Starbucks, right? I mean, Starbucks is the company they all worked at; Starbucks is the name that will grab everybody's attention. But let's not forget that Starbucks is also known for being a LGBT-friendly work environment. All Starbucks -- every one I've ever been in at least -- do not display this type of behavior. What Starbucks should be held accountable for is bad business and poor training.

When I worked at a Baskin Robbins in high school -- with all of my friends -- I made a vow to myself. If I were ever to own or manage a service-type business, I would pop in unannounced all the time. Why? Because we were drinking beers in the freezer and generally being irresponsible. If you want your business run a certain way, you should make sure it's being run that way. Now, I'm sure Starbucks didn't think they were hiring three rampant homophobes when they interviewed these women -- it's an odd thing to come up in a meeting -- but maybe they should make "we do not tolerate hate and discrimination of any kind" part of the handbook, or have a higher up dropping by unexpectedly often.

I do not hold Starbucks responsible for these women's behavior, but I hope that they maybe rethink their training or something -- because even when you think things are so obvious they don't need to be spelled out, there are always a couple idiots who need it.

What do you think of this homophobic rant? Should Starbucks be held responsible?


Image via action datsun/Flickr

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