Parents of Baby Attacked by Ferret Should Have Their Fingers Chewed Off

horrible ferretFinally, the parents of that poor 4-month-old who got 7 of his fingers chewed off by the family ferret are being charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Originally, Ryan and Carrie Waldo of Missouri claimed that they were home sleeping when the attack took place and that the ferret never bit anyone before, but it turns out the couple left the baby home alone with the animal, even though it did in fact have a history of biting. (Have you stopped screaming yet?) So, I'm not ordinarily an eye-for-an-eye kind of gal, but child endangerment is way too weak a charge for these ingrates. In this case, the punishment must fit the crime: These parents absolutely must have their own fingers chewed off by ferrets. Rabid ones, if possible.


I can't even begin to imagine the agonizing pain that baby experienced. I mean, 7 fingers?? How long did that horror show last? The poor little thing must have screamed until his throat was raw, and still nobody came to his aid, because nobody was home?!?!?! You can't leave a 4-month-old at home alone, even if there isn't a vicious sharp-toothed pet in the house.

Hey, I'm a mom and I know accidents happen, so I usually give other parents the benefit of the doubt when freak things occur. I know all too well how possible it is to be standing right next to your kid when he slips and falls face first into the coffee table, busting open his lower lip: It takes no more than a split second for these catastrophes to transpire. But this time? No way. No benefit of the doubt. Just a small, locked cell filled with hungry ferrets -- that's all I'm willing to give these two.

How do you think the Waldos should be punished?


Image via Andrew Magill/Flickr

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