Anthony Weiner Is a Quitter: Is Everyone Happy Now?

anthony weinerAfter much debate of "should he or shouldn't he?" Rep. Anthony Weiner will resign from his seat in Congress, according to various sources. He was said to have called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Steve Israel last night to inform them of the news.

It seems like the building pressure -- including that from President Obama (who publicly stated that he thought he should step down) and Nancy Pelosi (who vowed to strip him of his committee assignments if he didn't leave) -- and an open inquiry from the House ethics committee that could have led to formal charges pushed him to the brink. Reportedly, Weiner also spoke at length with his wife, Huma Abedin, before making the decision to resign.

I guess if all of your enemies and your closest colleagues are saying, "Get the hell out ... or we'll make you get the hell out," then you don't have much of a choice, right?


It's really a shame. I'm disappointed in Weiner for his conduct, but I wish the controversy hadn't come to this.

Sure, I get that in just a matter of what seems like days, he's become completely ineffectual as a congressman. At first, because of a bad reputation and a media frenzy distracting from any good he could have accomplished in Congress. But now, also because his Democratic colleagues were planning to ensure his wrists would be tied. 

But I still don't agree with all the brouhaha in the first place or the fact that he now has to resign as a result of it. I don't think his scandal has amounted to much of anything compared to what other politicians have done or continue to do. He didn't even spend any taxpayers' or campaign dollars to fund his "affairs" (like John Edwards).

And what I really can't get over is that all of his liaisons took place over the Internet! The weight of a sexting-based affair vs. a physical one is up for debate, but I'm of the belief that what he did isn't as bad as cheating "in real life," and furthermore, I don't think he hurt anyone except his wife. He hasn't done anything to affect or hurt the American people, except maybe making us look foolish internationally for paying so much attention to this scandal. 

Oh well, though. What's done is done, and although Weiner will resign, and hopefully everyone can get back to business with his distracting photos and tweets and sexts "out of the way," I hope his public punishment won't last forever. It would be good to see him duck out for a while, and maybe in a couple of years, when the dust has settled, make a comeback. Run for mayor of NYC in 2013 or some other public office, perhaps. He's too good a politician and these failings are too minor that he should have to stay away for good.

How do you feel about Weiner resigning?


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