John Edwards' Mugshot Captures the Real Him

john edwards

Poor John Edwards. He's such a douchebag and he doesn't even know it. I think even The Situation has more self-awareness then this smug politician. And now we have photographic evidence of Edwards' complacency and conceitedness: his glorious mugshot was released today. I just want to smack that grin right off his face.

The mugshot was taken when Edwards pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and campaign law violations earlier this month. The former Democratic vice presidential nominee had a chance here in this instance to look embarrassed, or remorseful, but decided against it. His big old pompous smile is all up in our faces, reminding us once again that we were all totally fooled by this puffed-up politician.


Edwards is accused of using campaign donations to cover up his affair with Rielle Hunter. Yeah, because if that ever got out, things could get real awkward. Oh, oops! There's that truth again, sticking its head out at the most inopportune times. And now he's (hopefully) going to pay for all that he's done. Since it's not illegal to cheat on a wife dying of cancer, I'm glad there's something we can throw the book at him for.

And if douchey mugshots was another prosecutable offense, I'd be all over that courtroom calling for a life sentence for Edwards. Why smile? Why? What was he thinking? He looks as happy as someone who just won a cake walk at the county fair and ducked into a photo booth to commemorate his sweet victory. Had he just worn a straight face (and maybe an orange jumpsuit) in his mugshot, I wouldn't have been this upset.

But no, Smiles McGees just couldn't dare look like a human who's made a mistake and had to keep on beaming like he's got something to win. The race is over, Edwards. You lose.

Does Edwards' mugshot rub you the wrong way?


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