Anthony Weiner's Porn Star Pal Betrays Him in the Worst Way Possible

ginger leeIt may go down in history for being the most boring press conference of all time. Ginger Lee and her attorney, Gloria Allred, told more than 50 members of the news media that the former porn star had come to "break her silence in order to speak the truth about her relationship with Rep. Anthony Weiner and correct misconceptions about their communications." It was SO boring, in fact, that one reporter asked what they were doing there, to which Allred replied, "I can't speak to why you're here. You have to answer that." Mmmkay.

Beyond Lee's claim that though she talked to Weiner about politics, she never sexted with him (despite his advances), nothing new was revealed at the press conference. But that doesn't mean Lee's appearance was good news for the Congressman -- listen to how she betrayed her former online pal:


Lee said she is a former supporter of Weiner and admired his stances on Planned Parenthood and health care. But on Wednesday she told the press she thinks he should resign:

I think that Anthony Weiner should resign, because he lied to the public and to the press for more than a week ... It might never have turned into this if he had told the truth, but he kept lying. If he lied about this, I can’t have much faith in him about anything else.

At such a difficult time, when President Barack Obama and House Democratic leaders are pressing Weiner to resign, you would think at least his friends could stand by him -- but Weiner's getting no loyalty from Lee. Her comment above wasn't the only part of the press conference that was damaging to Weiner: She also allowed Allred to read aloud Weiner's sexually suggestive emails, only adding to his humiliation (which at this point seems boundless):

"I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package," and "All right, my package and I are not going to beg. We both see the hazard of going down the path of comparative sexiness," and "You aren't giving my package due credit."

I'd like to think that Lee chose to speak to the press in an effort to clear her name, which (provided her story is true) Weiner doesn't seem to mind dragging through the mud. However, some have suggested that Lee hiring the celebrity attorney signals the former porn star might be out for monetary gain.

My hope is that whatever Lee's next steps may be, they won't involve Allred reading aloud more dirty sexts.


Image via D Dipasupil/Getty

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