9-Year-Old Girl Stabs Attacker & Saves Mom's Life

james fieldsA 9-year-old in Wisconsin saved her mom's life on Sunday when she stabbed her mom's attacker in the back with a knife she grabbed from the kitchen. Jason M. Fields was strangling the woman and threatening to slit her throat when the brave girl took matters into her own hands. The woman heard Fields groan as he was stabbed, and he released his knife that was at her neck.

The little girl, who you might assume would be in a bit of shock after the incident, told cops that, eh, it was no big deal, because, you know, it's not like this was the first time she's stabbed Fields. Back in 2009 she gored him in the leg.


Oh yeah. Our brave 9-year-old was also a super brave 7-year-old. Fields, who is an ex-boyfriend of the woman, has a clear history of violent behavior, and after his arrest, a $5,000 bail was set when he was charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety, strangulation, and disorderly conduct. He'll face a judge on June 23.

I hope this thug gets what he deserves, but I hope even more so that the little girl is in safe hands. Of course I never ever want to blame the victim, but it's just a shame that the mom allowed Fields to be around this little girl. After the girl had to stab him once, maybe he should've been banned from the house?

I'm also worried that Fields might come after the 9-year-old. He's clearly unstable and more than capable of intimidating and violently threatening women ... who's to say he won't be pissed that he was stabbed ... twice! ... by a little girl, and then come after her.

I think the young girl followed her natural instincts to protect her mother and only did what was familiar to her. Her 11-year-old brother called the cops (another smart move, obvs) but who knows what would've happened to her mother if she didn't intervene. A quick stab with a kitchen knife and mom was safe, again, temporarily.

What do you think of this story?

Photo via Fond du Lac Police

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