United Nations 'Agenda 21' Sounds Like Scary Plot for World Domination

big brother eyeBet Obama doesn't look like a socialist now! Compared to the United Nations' super-creepy Agenda 21, a positively Orwellian proposal for "sustainable development," Obama's philosophies sound as anarchistic as the lyrics of a Sex Pistols song. To give you the CliffsNotes version, Agenda 21 basically calls for a one-world government: That means virtually everybody on the planet following the same plan for healthcare, education, production, consumption (breathing, blinking). Feel the cold hard stare of Big Brother bearing down on you yet?


Sure, sustainable development sounds like a lovely concept if you're just breezing through the brochure: It's loosely defined as the integration of economic, social, and environmental policies to achieve reduced consumption, the preservation and restoration of biodiversity, and social equity. But wait, there's more! The term "sustainable development" was actually introduced in 1987 by the Vice-President of the World Socialist Party Gro Harlem Brundtland in a report for the UN, which explained how effectively environmentalism could be used as a tool to control every human being on the planet. I'm sorry, what was that?! So there seriously is a scary plot for world domination in the works? How odd that Brundtland's report came out in 1987, not 1984!

Among the many aspects of our current society that would be threatened under Agenda 21 are the right to private property ownership, single family homes, individual travel choices, and private car ownership. Ooh boy, sign me up!

Does the prospect of a one-world government give you the creeps?


Image via Charles Fettinger/Flickr

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