3 Bizarre Theft Cases That Prove Nothing Is Safe

thiefTimes are tough, no doubt, as is evidenced by the fact that thieves are stealing pretty much anything and everything these days. Not to laud bad behavior, but some of the thievery I've seen as of late is almost impressive in its creativity.

You can have all the security systems and take all the precautions you want, and someone looking for an easy way to score some cash or goods can still rip you off. Here are three recent shocking theft stories that will make you rethink how safe your stuff is. If they weren't so frightening, they'd be almost funny. Okay, they're all a little bit funny ... or at least peculiar.


Grass Thieves

If it were the kind of grass you smoke, that would be one thing, but in this case in Canada, a family's entire front lawn was stolen. One day it was the lush, green place where Denise Thompson's family frolicked and played, and the next she opened the window and saw only dirt. Her reaction: “Oh my God. Where is my grass?”

There are no clues in the case, or any indication of why someone would want her grass. 

A Venti-Sized Bold Crime 

Thieves stealing computers from coffee shops where plenty of laptop warriors congregate is nothing new. They scout the joint, wait for someone with a bladder full of coffee to get up and go to the restroom or refill their cup, and snatch the laptop in a flash. In Renton, Washington, earlier this week, however, a couple of thieves didn't do any watching and waiting, they just snatched a woman's laptop right out from under her nose in a local Starbucks shop -- WHILE she was working on it in the crowded shop in the middle of the day! Talk about bold. It was a brand new MacBook Pro too.

Granny Doesn't Need a Gun

It's not what a woman in Colorado stole -- money from a bank -- but HOW she did it that's so unique. The woman, estimated to be between 55 and 75, didn't brandish a gun or threaten to blow up the place with a bomb, rather she told the teller to hand over the cash or she'd infect the teller with AIDS. She apparently coughed a lot to make the threat even more real. No details on how she planned to do the infecting, but the teller handed over the cash, and the woman fled.

What's the strangest thing you've stolen?

Image via D4tography/Flickr

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