Casey Anthony's 'Bella Vita' Tattoo Is Twisted No Matter What

Bella VitaThere are so many painful and gruesome details in the Casey Anthony murder trial, it's hard to watch the continuous coverage without feeling sick. Both the prosecution and the defense have alleged unimaginable offenses, but few have painted such an awful depiction of Casey, no matter what the real truth may be, as her tattoo that reads "Bella Vita."

"Bella vita" means "beautiful life" in Italian, and there was nothing beautiful about her life at the point in time when she got the tattoo. Little Caylee "went missing" on June 16, 2008, and it was just a few short weeks later on July 2 that Casey marched into the tattoo parlor to get inked with this inappropriate saying. Her actions while getting it were even more inappropriate, according witnesses.


The artist who gave her the tattoo, Bobby Williams, testified today for the prosecution. He said she seemed "normal and happy" and told him Caylee was with a nanny. She also allegedly ordered a pizza for everyone when the job was done. How is anything beautiful when your daughter's little body is rotting nearby?

Any way you look at it, the tattoo is disturbing. If, as the defense alleges, Caylee did drown in the family's swimming pool, and Casey knew this, how could she go do something so brazen? Even the best actress would have trouble appearing "happy" after the death of a child, not to mention all the guilt knowing she was covering up her daughter's death. The defense says it's a memorial of sorts, and yes, plenty of people get such tattoos when they lose loved ones, but not like this.

As the evidence has unfolded, I'm not sure Caylee Anthony ever had a beautiful life, rather it seems she was a beautiful, innocent child born into a family that at the very least didn't honor her life with the truth, and at worst took that life away. For Casey Anthony to permanently inscribe otherwise is further evidence of how twisted her sense of reality is and the less-than-beautiful life Caylee likely had with a mother like that.

The prosecution alleges it was Casey's way of celebrating her new-found freedom once the burden of being a mother was lifted and she could finally live a beautiful life. If that's true, then she's a monster, plain and simple.

What do you think of Casey Anthony's "Bella Vita" tattoo?

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