Obama Could Have Been Even Harder on Anthony Weiner

On Monday, Barack Obama finally spoke out about Congressman Anthony Weiner's inappropriate sext messages with women while his wife was pregnant. He all but told him to step down, but stopped just short of going all the way, which is part of why Obama can be so difficult to take sometimes. He is just too judicious.

Let's see, the guy lied to all of us when he said he did not send photos of his crotch on Twitter. He lied to his wife and worst of all, he distracted us all from what really matters in congress during an important time (though aren't they all) and he continues to think he can do his job after a break in order to do some kind of rehab.

He is an embarrassment to his wife, but he is also an embarrassment to all those who believed in him. He had something precious -- our trust -- and he chose to squander it. Yeah, dude. It's time to step down alright.


Now, maybe Obama can't say these things. Perhaps it would not be judicious and some might call him a hypocrite. After all, who has not had a sex scandal these days? Obama would have no friends if he distanced himself from every disgraced male politician. But it is still soft to not come right out and say it.

He told NBC:

When you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions. You can’t serve as effectively as you need to at the time when people are worrying about jobs and their mortgages and paying the bills, then you should probably step back.

Exactly. But he should have said it more clearly. We don't need to judge his "sexting" behavior. Who cares? But we do need to judge a man who cared so little for his constituents that he would betray their trust first by being so reckless with it and then by openly lying to them. Forget about the crotch shots and the "impulse control" issues he is now seeking help to remedy. Those are not the problems.

The problems are his lies and his distraction. Sure, we all mess around while we are supposed to be working on Facebook and maybe some of us even sext and IM with old loves, but you know what? We are not in public office. We are not elected by the people to serve them and their best interests. I hold elected officials to a higher standard. Call me crazy that way. And I particularly hold liberals like Weiner to a higher standard. Because Weiner, more than anyone else, represents views that few do. He was so far left and progressive and see him go down in flames for something so stupid is a slap in the face to those beliefs.

He has not valued his position and because of that he needs to step down. Obama said if it were him, he would step down. Maybe that is the strongest our President feels can be politically, but what he could have taken a page from his nemesis Donald Trump on this one and said, despite not having the power to really execute this order: "You're fired."

Do you think Obama could have been harder on Weiner?

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