Planes, Trains & Outrageous Passengers: 4 Ways to Avoid Trouble While Traveling (VIDEOS)

subway brawl Between a fistfight erupting on a plane because a passenger put his seat back during a night flight, and a beating taking place on the subway because one passenger "stole" another's seat on the New York City Subway -- it seems like the latest trend in public transportation is people losing their tempers in a big way.

While part of me understands it (nothing makes me crankier than a long ride on a crowded subway car with no air-conditioning), the other part of me thinks:Yikes! How can I stay out of trouble while in transit?

Here are a few tips in case you're wondering the very same thing:


1. Don't take someone's seat on the subway. That's what this guy tried to do, and boy, was he ever sorry. In the long run, don't you think he would have been a lot more physically comfortable standing for a few stops than he was taking this relentless beating?


2. Don't recline your seat on an airplane! Just don't do it! Doesn't matter if you're tired, it's not worth it. When a man on a United Airlines flight to Ghana put his seat back (it was a 10:44 p.m. flight, so he had every right to take a nap), the passenger behind him literally smacked him upside the head, catching the attention of a flight attendant who alerted the pilot. Not knowing how serious the situation might get, the pilot reported the incident, at which point two F-16s were deployed to escort the plane back to Washington's Dulles International Airport. (Hey, coulda been Osama back there! No wait, he's dead ... coulda been Saddam! Never mind, he's dead too.)


3. Don't mess with anybody eating spaghetti! Look, I get that you're not actually supposed to eat on the subway (the fine is $100), but a whole lotta people do it, and it's sort of an unofficial NYC subway rule that you just look the other way when they do (and hold your breath, if it's something really stinky). So I don't know why this woman was compelled to take on a fellow female rider who happened to be enjoying a large helping of spaghetti from a Styrofoam container. Did she really expect the carb-lover to put her pasta away? That's not what happened ...


4. Don't launch a full-blown assault when your kids are riding on the bus with you! I don't know what made the two women on this Lincoln, Nebraska, bus attack a third woman. From the looks of it, as soon as they recognized the victim they took action, so who knows? Maybe the lady had it coming to her. In any case, the big mistake made by one of the attackers was leaving her two small children unattended in the back of the bus while she proceeded to help her pal rip this woman's hair out -- literally. After the bus driver halted the vehicle, locked the doors, and called the cops, the tots started wandering around the bus, nearly getting trampled by the trio, until the mom and her friend escaped through a window and managed to take the kids with them.

Does taking public transportation scare you?


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