Photos of Anthony Weiner Taking Photos of Himself

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In today's episode of Dumb & Horny Politicians, new photos have surfaced of Anthony Weiner. Why is that phrase becoming as common as the daily forecast? These aren't exactly close-ups of you-know-what but are still quite offensive and disturbing as you actually see Weiner taking full-length pictures of himself and his bulge in the mirror of the Congressional workout room. Total TMI alert. It amazes me how these pictures were found and how they are getting out there, but nonetheless they are here for your and the world's viewing pleasure.

Take a look ...


TMZ got the exclusive on this one, so click to see Anthony Weiner in nearly-naked glory using the Congressional gym as a backdrop for his lewd sexting shots. They were taken on the good old Blackberry both in the locker room and on the gym floor. His arms are pretty ripped but those paunchy abs could still use some work. If he had only spent some of that misplaced sexual energy doing a few extra crunches this whole mess could have been avoided.

So to all those people who've been asking the million dollar question in this whole scandal, whether Weiner used any government resources for his sexcapades, I would say they've got their answer. I'm pretty sure that Blackberry counts for a nice work deduction on his taxes. And he clearly did it on federal property. (Did you know that House Members had their own gym? That equipment looks pretty nice. Is that where my taxes are going?)

Maybe this is why Charlie Sheen, I mean Weiner yesterday announced he would be taking an "extended leave of absence" from his Congressional duties to enter a program and get the help needed to become a better husband and a better person. He probably knew these photos were coming and really how much longer could he put it off. By this point I'm sure he's saying the same thing that all of us are thinking every time we have to look at another bunch of photos or listen to transcripts ... oh when oh when will it all end? Please!

Are you totally yucked out by these photos?


Image via D'Arcy Norman/Flickr

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