Weiner Message to 17 Year Old Was VERY Inappropriate

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I don't care whether Anthony Weiner and that 17 year old high school junior were discussing the weather, that conversation was INAPPROPRIATE. Even if Weiner's press flackie insists the interaction(s) were "were neither explicit nor indecent," and the parents didn't file charges, and some bloggers made a bigger deal out of this than it really is. This is a man who sent a picture of his bulging pee-pee to a 21 year old woman. A man who admitted to having sexual online and phone relationships with several more. A porn star is involved. Would you really want that dorkbag sending any kind of message to your 17 year old daughter about anything at all? Even a message that said, "Hi thanks for following me!"

Parents, lock your computers. Or at least make sure you know what they're doing and who they are emailing all hours of the night on their laptop. It's the only way we'll be able to keep all these creepy politicians away from our kids.


It starts innocently enough. Girl goes gaga after seeing idealistic and powerful young politician spew his nonsense during as speech on a school trip to Washington and then follows him on Twitter. As a parent, that would not normally raise any red flags with me. I'd admire that.

Weiner, after signing on to follow the girl's Twitter feed, apparently direct-messaged the girl on April 13. It's not clear how much talking they did after that point and up to this point, but the cops were at her house yesterday trying to find out. They were there at least 30 minutes, and then left -- and then the girl and her mother left. When asked by a reporter how she's doing, she said "I'm doing okay."

I wonder what she thought about that direct message after news of this broke -- if she told her parents. But if I were the girl's mother, I'd be freaking right now. If not for what may or may not have been exchanged between them, but what could have been if someone didn't get caught or all this depravity hadn't come out. What's even scarier, though is that Weiner wasn't posing as someone he wasn't, he didn't go through any secret chat rooms to get in touch with her. She followed him on Twitter. He followed back. She was right there. Something made him decide to get in touch with her, to send that direct message instead of, I don't know, getting his pregnant wife ice cream or doing that very important Washington job he's so desperately trying to hold onto now.

I highly doubt the cops would be at the girls' house if his message to her was really just kids stuff. It doesn't matter who he is, what he does, or how he's going about it: A 46 year old man having any sort of contact with a teen girl online is just wrong. And don't try to give me the old "he wasn't targeting her" or "maybe he didn't know she was 17" excuses. Because we know where Weiner's mind is most of the time, and we've heard those excuses before -- and they aren't good enough.

How would you feel about a grown man interacting with your teen daughter online -- even in the most innocent capacity?

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