Special Olympics Event Is No Place for a Protest

Gscott walker protestovernor Scott Walker stopped by a Special Olympics event in Wisconsin to address the athletes and other attendees. As he was speaking to the crowd, union protesters dressed as zombies began picketing between the governor and the audience.

Governor Walker has taken a lot of heat from the unions since he took office in January as he has refused to bankrupt his state to give into their demands. Heaven forbid teachers employed by the state cover a small portion of their health insurance. It’s like, totally unfair.


While I happen to agree with Walker on this issue, and admire his steadfastness in not caving to outrageous union demands, I also respect the right of all Americans to protest. Heck, I’ve been doing quite a bit of protesting myself since President Obama put us further into debt than all other presidents combined.

There’s a time and place to protest, and a ceremony for the Special Olympics is not one of them. Let’s put this one in the category of just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. What were these protesters thinking? Was their zombie-attire indicative of a lack of brains in their heads? 

The joke is on you, zombie protesters -- in a crowd of Special Olympics attendees, you’re the ones that looked like idiots.

No matter how frustrated anyone gets with our elected leaders, they shouldn’t take it out on people that have nothing to do with their agenda. What exactly was the point of stealing a special moment away from the Olympians? To be directly addressed by one of the leaders of our country is pretty cool, but this protest marred the event.

The favorability ratings of unions are plummeting, and one doesn’t have to wonder why with stunts like this. It’s hard to support people lacking basic human decency and common courtesy. 


Image via paulbaker/Flickr

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