Newt Gingrich's Wife Callista Shouldn't Be Running His Campaign

newt gingrichHave you heard? Newt Gingrich's entire staff just quit. Well, the important people, at least. His campaign manager, Rob Johnson, his spokesman, and four top strategists and consultants. What's the deal? Apparently his wife, Callista.

According to sources, Newt gives his wife a lot of control. And what she does with that control was affecting the campaign. Callista supposedly wanted what would basically be a "part-time campaign." And, rightfully so, that wasn't jiving with the aides. The final straw was her insistence upon on a two-week Mediterranean cruise, despite the staff's objections. The couple went and the mass exodus ensued.

Now I'm not one to feel bad for Newt Gingrich in a time of distress (or any time for that matter), but should we let politicians' significant others affect who we vote -- or work -- for?


In short, yes. Callista shows just how much influence women can have over their husbands (and vice-versa). And although that's sometimes a lovely thing in everyday life, it's not the best thing in a politician. We are, after all, voting for them, not their spouse.

Taking a two-week vacation in the middle of a campaign is idiotic, to say the least. And I'd imagine this would be terribly frustrating for those people working hard behind the scenes. There's so much to be done, but oh, look at that, Mrs. Gingrich needs a vacay, so we're gonna cool it for a while. It's ridiculous.

Marriage is incredibly important, I know, but if you're looking to become the leader of the free world, sometimes sacrifices are going to have to be made (especially when they're so ostentatious). Callista's influence over Newt -- if it's true -- is not something I would feel comfortable with when deciding who to vote for. I think putting family first is one of the most important things -- and it's okay in every other job in the world -- but when it comes to the President? Sorry, no dice. (This, of course, excludes illnesses and the like. Easy there, killers.)

There is one thing Newt and his staff can thank Callista for, though: She's proven the woman behind the man is not just a myth.

Do you think we should consider politicians' significant others when voting for them?


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