Dad Gives His Daughter Dead Deer Parts as a Present

deerSome people are just bad gift givers. Like my brother, for instance, who gave me a turtle-shaped sandbox, filled with sand ... for my 17th birthday.

But Nathaniel Heard, a New Hampshire teacher and dad, could top the list for giving the worst gift ever. He left severed deer parts -- an ear and hoof -- at his ex-wife's home because he thought his daughter would like to play with them. On seeing her new "toys," his daughter was very upset (according to her mom).

Heard was arrested -- for trespassing and stalking -- shortly after the incident. His ex-wife says he was trying to terrorize the family.

But Heard says he was just trying to be a good dad.


He says he remembered that his daughter had once seen a deer being harvested and told him she wanted a hoof. He had an opportunity to get one for her, so he did -- from a friend who had harvested a road-killed deer.

I don't know what makes me feel worse. The fact that Heard's daughter came in contact with dead deer parts and is probably scarred for life, or the fact that her dad seems mentally unstable.  Can you imagine being his ex-wife, and coming home to dead deer on your doorstep? Or being one of his high school students -- and reading about this in the local paper?

What do you think about a dad giving his daughter dead deer parts?


Image via kkirugi/ Flickr

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