Secret Society Is Plotting to Take Over the World

st moritz
St. Moritz
Who doesn't love a good secret society. The mystery! The intrigue! The conspiracy theories! One of the world's most well-known secret societies is the Bilderberg Club, and they may or may not be meeting in St. Moritz this weekend. Eek! Where are my hooded cloak and vial of virgin sweat?

Sigh. If only. While you and I were again left off the list of invitees, about 140 other international movers and shakers will likely gather at the Hotel Suvretta for a four-day conference to discuss political and economic global concerns.

Boring! What are the conspiracy theorists saying, and who's going?


Well. Guests of this confidential conference range from billionaires to heads of state to media personae to bankers and to scholars. Former attendees (and not necessarily all during the same year) have been the CEO of Coca-Cola, Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Juan Carlos of Spain, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. One guy who certainly won't be there this year is IMF president Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Although he's gone to the Bilderberg meeting for the last few years, the French economist can't go this year since he's awaiting trial for sexual assault in NYC.

So the people who are invited are big deals, that's no question. What remains a mystery, however, is what exactly goes down behind closed doors. Is it a round-robin Risk tournament? Is everyone just so relieved to be in a safe-house that they let loose and party like only politicians can? Possibly, but my favorite conspiracy is that they're all meeting to construct a new world order; one where there's one over-arching government and we're all its loyal subjects.

Some think the powerful elite gather to determine who will run for office in certain countries and to plan out the economy for each nation. I'm sticking with my Risk theory. I call the gray team if I'm ever invited.

While I love a good old-fashioned secret society, I can never take them too seriously. First, if they're benevolent, that's great! We all win. And if they're malevolent, well ... sorry, best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Plans also make God laugh. I feel safe in the unpredictability of big picture agendas.

What do you think of the Bilderberg Club?

Photo via ND Srupler/Flickr

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