Casey Anthony Cries in Court, But Maybe Not for Caylee

No matter whether you believe Casey Anthony is guilty or innocent, the tears and sickness in court Thursday seemed genuine and real. Of course, had she not cried, that would have been even weirder. It was, after all, the first time she had seen the photos of her daughter Caylee's skull.

The murder of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony is horrifying no matter how you look at it, but the idea that she may have died at the hands of her own mother is almost more than a person can bear. The person who was supposed to protect her the most decided to kill her? It's too awful to imagine.

So Casey's tears -- be they real or be they fake -- give a glimmer of hope. Maybe she IS innocent. Maybe she is telling the truth. But then I think of all the evidence against her.


There are a few possibilities, of course. Casey's tears could be the genuine tears of a person telling the truth. They could be the crocodile tears of a person trying to garner sympathy. They could be the tears of a person who feels enormous guilt. Or they could be the tears of a person who feels depressed she was caught.

Whatever kind of tears they are, it's hard to not feel a glimmer of sympathy. For all the scenarios. Because the fact is, if she did kill her daughter, then she is clearly not right in the head; if she didn't, this is a nightmare few of us could ever even begin to fathom.

The first instinct by everyone (including myself) is to assume she is lying. After all, we have been well trained to think Casey Anthony is as guilty as they come. But clearly there is something very wrong with her. Regardless of whether you believe the story she is peddling -- that she hid her baby's death with her father's help -- or if you believe that she murdered Caylee in cold blood so she could party it up with her friends, it's clear that Anthony is a mentally disturbed person. Either way, she needs help, right?

So, yes. Her tears were real alright. And I am sure she did vomit after seeing the skull. But emotion took a long time to come to Casey Anthony. There were many months early on when it seemed like she cared more about how her own life was being affected than the fact that her daughter was missing.

So are the tears real? For sure. But it doesn't make her any more innocent or sympathetic than she was before. Tears don't mean a person is innocent.

Do you think her tears were real?

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