Sarah Palin's Emails No Match for Anthony Weiner's Tweets

sarah palinIf you ever emailed with Sarah Palin while she was Governor of Alaska, your correspondence, along with her 24,000 other emails, will be made public record tomorrow, June 10. The New York Times reports that Palin's typed words will fill up six standard paper boxes, each weighing about 42 pounds, and will be mailed to newsrooms around the nation. A public records request was made back in 2008, but what exactly anyone is looking for in her emails is unclear.

Since the emails are being sent on paper and not, er, emailed, it's not as if we can press "Control F" to surf every email for some choice keywords and phrases like: "I can't believe John McCain thinks I'm qualified, either!" or "Gross Weiner -- don't send me anymore of these nasty pics, you perv" or "Hide the body in the garage, Todd." It's going to take a ton of sifting, and a ton of interns, to find the good stuff.

And after all that, what if there is no dirt?


Could these tens of thousands of emails reveal Palin to be a concerned, critical thinking governor who loves her state and her constituents? Hey, you never know. If she was smart enough to never put anything incriminating in writing, this could be the best thing that's ever happened to her.

The emails that will be released are from December 2006 through September 2008. It was August 2008 when she joined McCain on the campaign trail. I'm sure if someone sifted through all my electronic musings over a two-year period, they'd be shocked how many times I mention "burrito baby" and "chronic hangover" -- I'm curious what Palin's most-emailed phrase will be.

Nevertheless, I'm predicting that this whole thing is going to be a bore. I don't think the emails are relevant, I don't think they'll be exciting (unless Weiner does in fact make an appearance), and I don't think they'll be incriminating. Of course I could be hopelessly wrong and she'll be hauled off to prison tomorrow for using the Alaskan Treasury to buy her campaign clothes, but I doubt it. It's more likely the emails will cure insomnia before they cure the liberal desire to take her down.

Guess we'll find out tomorrow what happens. Get out your reading glasses and highlighters, it's going to be a long day.

What do you think we'll find out from Palin's emails?

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