Bob Barker Takes the Crazy Out of PETA (VIDEO)

Bob BarkerWhenever PETA does something, you expect it to raise eyebrows. But ladies and gents, the hiring of former Price Is Right host Bob Barker for its new stunt might just beat anything the animal rights activists have ever done. I dare say those nuts down in Norfolk have just gone legitimate as they rally against the summer slate of activities at its latest target: SeaWorld. They shocked us by, well, not shocking us for once!

Come on, folks! What do we all know about Bob? Besides his hilarious cameo in Happy Gilmore and the fact that there was nothing like his voice to go along with a big bowl of chicken noodle soup and a box of tissues when you were home sick from work on a Tuesday morning?


Barker has been one of the most out loud and proud celebs when it comes to animal activism. His "remember to spay and neuter your pets" mantra at the close of every show was almost as well known as his booming "Come on down." A vegetarian since the '70s, Barker put his own money where his mouth was in '90s, setting up a foundation that funds spay/neuter clinics. He's campaigned against animal uses in circuses. He's anti-fur.

In short? He's not Chad Ochocinoco holding a LEATHER football in a PETA ad. Bob Barker is the real deal. PETA isn't pulling a stunt here people! They're actually using a real animal rights activist to speak out about something he really cares about. OMG. Alert the media! They're doing something for ... the good of the animals?

In the short ads in which Barker begs viewers not to use their precious summer vacation time to hit up SeaWorld shows because the orcas and dolphins should be free, he really seems to just be speaking from the heart:

Agree with them or disagree, go to SeaWorld this summer or not, but the only thing shocking about this one is how "un-shocking" PETA is this time around.

What do you think? Did PETA go legit?


Image via PETA

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