New Day Dawns at RNC With Chairman Reince Priebus

reince priebus

Not because I’m a fancy-pants person at all, but because I happen to be friends with some fancy-pants people, I got to be involved in a Q&A session this week for bloggers with RNC (Republican National Committee) Chairman Reince Priebus.

I know. The RNC. Reaching out. To bloggers. I suppose stranger things have happened. Congressman Anthony Weiner probably wins the award this week for generating strange news.


Anyway. Chairman Priebus asked his social media coordinator (yup, the RNC now has one of those) to set up the first of many conference calls in which he could communicate and work with bloggers to help unite the conservative base of the Republican party with the so-called Establishment.

For the past several years, a lot of conservatives have been frustrated with the RNC for supporting RINO (Republican In Name Only) candidates, fundraising failure, and the general inability to get out the vote. This is the group that’s supposed to provide some sort of national leadership for the Republican Party, but instead tea partiers are running in the other direction.

Enter Chairman Reince Priebus, who replaced Michael Steele this past January. A self-proclaimed member of the Cheesehead Revolution (like popular Republicans Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, Priebus comes to us from the great state of Wisconsin), he says that his goal as RNC Chairman is to rebuild trust and credibility with the party, so that we can win.

“A country that buries its kids in debt cannot claim a moral high ground,” he said, talking about the importance of making President Obama a one-termer. “At the end of the day, this election comes down to the economy … the vast majority believe that Obama hasn’t fulfilled his promises.” In order to win the battle in 2012 to save the U.S. from economic disaster, we need a functional, operational RNC. 

What is Priebus doing to restore that credibility? I had to ask him. After being repeatedly let down by the RNC in recent years, why trust them now? After a brief moment, he responded with excitement in his voice, “This call!”

Priebus explained that he understands where our party was and where it needs to go. Our leaders need to govern like they campaign – i.e. keep their campaign promises. We need to stop worrying about who gets credit for what, put our noses to the grindstone, and get ‘er done. We need a tea party coalition person at the RNC, so that we can work together on getting our message of fiscal sanity out to the voters. We need to remember why we’re here: So that our children can grow up in an even better America than we did, and not saddled with more debt than they could ever hope to pay off.

The proof that the RNC is open for business with conservatives will be in the pudding. Actions speak louder than words, and as we witness a new day dawning, we’ll be able to once again trust the RNC to work in our best interest.


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