Weiner Baby on the Way, But He Isn't Ready to Be a Dad

Anthony Weiner
Anthony Weiner
Well, just when you thought Weinergate couldn't get any more scandalous, The New York Times is reporting that Rep. Anthony Weiner's wife Huma Abedin is pregnant with the couple's first child. That's right. Nothing says let's celebrate the beautiful miracle of life like your husband's grody boner plastered all over the internet. Ewww. The poor woman. This amazing moment in her life is being completely ruined by her husband's idiotic horndog behavior.

Next in line for our concern, however, is Baby Weiner, of course. Someday he or she will come to realize the indecencies amid which he or she was born, and those will be sad times. Unless ... unless ... Daddy-to-be Weiner takes responsibility for his issues and seeks and receives real, serious, and professional help for his problem, which looks to be a bonafide (bonerfide?) sex addiction.


Risking your employment and reputation is plain stupid. Lying to your wife -- not to mention the nation -- ain't cool. Having extra-marital sexual affairs online ain't great either. However, sending closeups of your erect penis via social media is where things get really freakin' creepy for me. That's where a person crosses the line of ego maniac and enters the world of power-tripping sex maniac. That's where Weiner stops being a man with "man needs" and becomes just a giant bulging sex organ. I'm sure that's precisely what he must have felt like, too. That's the only explanation for his extreme behavior.

And now this dude is going to be a father. Just take five seconds to consider finding out that your FATHER'S PENIS is all over the web! {{Gag reflex}}

Obviously sex addiction is no laughing matter. It's a real addiction that is so powerful for some, it can lead its victims to risk their health, financial stability, and relationships. Many sufferers will even break the law acting on such compulsions. But there is help. That's the good news. And I hope Weiner will get himself some (and not the bogus Tiger Woods kind of help either). Serious help for his sake and for the sake of the baby on the way.

Do you think Weiner can still be a good father, despite his latest problems?


Image via Boss Tweed/Flickr

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