Lisa Weiss' Apology to Anthony Weiner's Wife Just Makes It Worse

lisa weissIt's likely Lisa Weiss, one of Rep. Anthony Weiner's online lady friends, thought she was doing a noble thing by sending a letter to Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, apologizing for having an inappropriate relationship with her husband.

But really? She just made it a whole lot worse!

It's unfair (and arguably sexist) to criticize the women in the sexting scandal when it's Weiner himself who should bear the brunt of the blame for the wrongdoing -- especially because Weiss has claimed she didn't even know he was married when they first started flirting.

Still, there's something about her apology letter to his wife that seems insincere ...


Here's the transcript of the letter that Weiss, a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas, wrote to Abedin:

Dear Huma Abedin,

I know you probably do not want to hear from me, but I still want to express my deepest apologies for conversing with your husband Congressman Anthony Weiner.

I honestly meant no harm and I hope that you and Anthony can work through this.

I still remain a huge supporter!


Lisa Weiss

Weiss is also telling news outlets like Inside Edition that she feels terrible about what happened and admitting that her relationship with the Congressman was "wrong."

Ordinarily, a private admission of guilt and followup apology would be honorable things. But the keyword here is "private." An apology that was leaked to for the whole world to see? Well, that sounds utterly selfish.

It's difficult to comprehend what Weiss was hoping to accomplish with a letter of this sort -- besides making herself feel better and, dare I say it, cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame. She can't actually think that this very public display of concern and support is helpful to Abedin at a time like this. Not to mention the fact: Isn't she incredibly embarrassed by all that has happened? Yet, she's willing thrusting herself in the spotlight with this self-important fake apology letter ... the whole thing is enough to turn one's stomach.

Do you think her letter is sincere?


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