Pink 'Bulldozer Barbie' Protest Makes Greenpeace Look Foolish

kenI always knew Barbie was up to no good, but I had no idea she was responsible for the deforestation of Indonesia! It's true, Barbie's boxes are made from tropical wood pulp found in the virgin rainforests of Indonesia. Good thing Greenpeace is around to stop that plastic bimbo from destroying our ecosystem! Protesters outfitted as Barbie(s) and Ken(s) took Mattel by storm, unfurling a 2,500-foot banner from the roof of the toy company's offices with a picture of an angry Ken saying, "BARBIE, IT'S OVER -- I don't date girls that are into deforestation." One faux-Barbie even drove a pink bulldozer down the street! That'll show 'em ... wait, a 2,500-foot banner? A bulldozer? Hope that banner was made of out recycled hemp and the bulldozer was a hybrid; otherwise, that sounds like a pretty eco-unfriendly protest.


Just check out the video to get a sense of the epic scope of this latest campaign:

The whole Barbie-bashing effort begs the question: If you use resource-wasting methods to (literally) bulldoze people with your go-green message, are you missing the point? Maybe Greenpeace is going with the "sacrifice few to save many" argument, but it still seems like an unnecessary (though entertaining) stunt. Especially since Greenpeace is already running a successful, paper- and petroleum-free version of the same campaign on YouTube and Facebook. I mean, come on, the schools in my town are considering switching from hard copies of bake sale flyers and calendars to an all-email system of communication for the sake of the planet -- I would think Greenpeace would be beyond the banners and bulldozers phase. Seriously, don't you think this video of a shocked and heartbroken Ken is more effective than any giant sign could be?


Image via YouTube

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