Elisabeth Hasselbeck Should Never Have Friended Sarah Palin

sarah palin elisabeth hasselbeckRemember way back when Sarah Palin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck were BFFs? The then-Alaskan governor had The View host's undying support in her race for vice-president. But the relationship between these two isn't so rosy these days. In fact, the two conservative personalities are feuding hard. It seems like because she's got better people to kiss up to, Palin has kicked Hasselbeck to the curb like a dirt-encrusted Swiffer cloth, and to retaliate, Hasselbeck has accused Palin of "manipulating the media" to draw attention away from more-serious Republican presidential nom Mitt Romney. Agh. The days of playing nice appear to be long gone.

This should be a cautionary tale for what happens when a politician and media personality pair up. It's a toxic relationship from the get-go.


Hard news journalists and politicians should never be friends, because as we learn in journalism school, a newsperson must imagine there's an electric fence between themselves and their subject to maintain objectivity. But the line gets a bit blurred with someone like Hasselbeck whose job is to be biased! It's pretty much invited for her to be as conservative as she wants, and who cares if she backs a certain politician, because we all know which side of the aisle she favors?

But being that it's someone like Elisabeth's job to promote her opinion, she's a natural target for politicians like Sarah, who realize they can use someone like that to bolster their reputation. In this case, Elisabeth was Sarah's highway to solidifying a legion of daytime talk show-watching Mama Grizzlies. And what did Elisabeth get in return? Besides something to mention on The View once, maybe twice? A whole lotta nothing!

Lasting allegiances are built on co-dependence and self-interest. (Yes, in the end, we are all out for ourselves. People in the public eye? Even more so.) It's like how after their contentious battle in the '08 Democratic primary, Hillary and Barack decided to get along "for the kids" (Americans), you know? But it also helped them both to make amends. Politicians helping politicians makes sense. It's compatible. Media personalities and politicians? Just a disaster waiting to happen.

If one friend is always self-promoting and the other has no self-interest in holding her up, the bond is doomed. It's basic adolescent Mean Girls logic. Sarah and Elisabeth may have thought they had a beautiful future with one another, but in the end, there's just no way a relationship like theirs ever could be fair or balanced.

Do you think media personalities and politicians should be friends?


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