Bodies Found in Rural Texas Spur Parental Fear Nationwide

crime scene ribbon policeUPDATE: Officials have since revealed no bodies were found at the scene as originally reported. It appears this WAS some kind of sick hoax. This post was meant as a parental reaction to a story believed to be breaking, based on its coverage at several large-scale news sources, who have since retracted the stories.

What grisly, horrible crime might have taken place in Texas? Breaking news reports are all over the place at this point, but one fact seems to be consistent -- 20-30 dead, possibly dismembered, bodies are said to have been found buried near a home in Hardin, Texas, which is about 70 miles outside of Houston. Even worse -- hug your kids if they're nearby -- many reports also state that several if not all of the bodies are children. Of course, nothing has really been confirmed so I really hope the whole thing is a some kind of sick hoax, but more and more reports are popping up by the minute.


This is horrific news and, of course, I'm thinking about all the parents living in southeast Texas but even more so, my thoughts are with the parents near and far whose children are missing. News stories like this must stop their hearts mid-beat.

The NYT reports that federal agents and sheriff's deputies are searching a rural house in southeast Texas after receiving an anonymous tip that multiple dismembered bodies were buried there. Reuters reports that the Liberty County Sheriff's Office said 25 to 30 bodies were found. They also claim that early reports indicate the bodies are those of children. CNN reports "at least 20 bodies, including those of children," were found at a home in Hardin, Texas. Of course, I'm still hoping all these claims are not true.

This is a horror story for any parent -- any human being with a heart really. However, if you and your family live near the site of a potentially horrifying crime, a scene like this can send chills down your spine. What kind of monsters would bury children? Were the children murdered? Were my own kids in danger, and I never knew it? Or even worse -- is the killer still out there?

Even more heartbreaking, of course, are the worst fears of all those parents whose children go missing every year, as they await news about a crime scene such as this. Is today the day? Is the end of my nightmare finally here? Do I really want it to be? Is my child among the dead? Do I really want to know?

Stay tuned for more on this breaking news story.

As a parent, what thoughts go through your mind when you hear a news story like this?


Image via Ariane Middel/Flickr

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