Heat Waves & Snow: Freaky U.S. Forecasts From a Weather Geek

heat wave I love anything and everything related to weather. I would've been a meteorologist, but a fatal trip to the Newseum as a kid proved that I don't possess the coordination it takes to look at a monitor and point to a blank, blue wall. It's harder than it sounds, people! Anyway, when I heard that the Northeast is about to be blasted with some serious summer heat, I was beside myself. With glee! Because I love a good heat wave like I love a good blizzard. The drama, the tropical systems, the complaining ... it's all so fun.

You're with me, right? Getting in an office elevator the morning of a weather event is always entertaining. So many conversations! So much to talk about between the lobby and the ninth floor. It's bliss.

Lest you not be prepared for what's brewing, let me fill you in on our nation's crazy upcoming weather ... starting with the snow that's happening right now in Hawaii. I know!


The fluffy white stuff fell on Hawaii's Mauna Kea mountain and some kids even went sledding. Your ride to the seventh floor just got that much more exciting. Sledding. In Hawaii. In June. Discuss.

Meanwhile, we've got record heat in New Orleans and Texas, and record highs are expected to be set along the Northeast coast from Maine to Virginia in the next few days. It was 100 freaking five in Houston yesterday, and it could reach 90 degrees in New Hampshire this week. We're on a roll here, folks: over 1,000 temperature records have already been broken in the month of June. And it's only the seventh.

If this is just the beginning of the summer's intensity, I'm kind of scared (and excited by?) what could possibly be next. I'll have to watch the local news here tonight to get pertinent, if not entirely common-sensical tips on how to stay cool. I love those gosh darn 11 p.m. news teams. You know the ones. "Will the summer heat kill you and your family? Find out at 11." Those guys. Then they tell you to drink plenty of water, take it easy when outside, and check on elderly neighbors. I can't get enough.

So, Americans. Stay cool and stay classy out there this week. Leave your heat wave stories in the comments below! And if you happen to be in the elevator with me tomorrow, sorry in advance for chatting your ear off. Don't worry though, I get off on the fifth.


Photo via Global Jet/Flickr

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