Movie Theater Turns Patron's Angry Phone Rant Into Hilarious PSA (VIDEO)

eVEr gOnE aLL aNGry bIRD ON sOMEOnE'S aSs?
I admit it. I am a ranty b*tch at times. Yes, I have ranted to the principal when I felt my kids had gotten a raw deal. I've also emailed and called corporations when I feel I have received less than stellar customer service. Having worked in retail management during college, I know firsthand that these rants get responses. I seem to recall one corporate training that said for every unhappy customer, 10,000 other potential customers would hear about it in a year. Hence it was more cost effective to apologize and comp the customer than try to ameliorate the bad publicity.

However, it seems Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has a rather different approach.


A young woman, who supposedly didn't know she shouldn't text in a movie theater, claimed she was using her muted phone's light to find her seat. After two warnings, she was ejected without a refund.

Her response was an angry, dim-witted, crass, and hilarious voice message ... which the theater has promptly turned into a PUBLIC PSA not only at their theater, but on YOUTUBE.

She texted? They justifiably kicked her out. She ranted? They used it as this harsh PSA. (Warning: profanity.)

Stabby Wackadoodles Much?!

Just to be clear, I try to use a few less F-bombs and try to be far more articulate than this lady. The entitlement in her voice was fridiculous! To be even more clear, texting in the theater is wrong and my 11-year-old daughter got an earful when she suddenly started "doing her homework," which she had "forgotten" about mid-movie last week on her phone! Not cool!

However, I question the legality of using this as a public humiliation show-down. Would you have thought your complaints could be used as advertising fodder? Is using her voice message justifiable fair use?

All I know is from now on ... Ranter Beware!


Image by HeyThereSpaceman via Flickr

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